Cam Scale – ‘To The Unknown Mariner’


Recently, Melbourne-based painter Cam Scale completed a huge mural in Geelong, 75km south-west of Melbourne, Australia. Whist he painted, the entire process was documented by issue 32 featured instgrammer @p1xels. Cam chats with us, while @p1xels generously provided some dope images.

Can you talk us through your mural and the inspiration behind it?

The piece is titled ‘To The Unknown Mariner’ and is dedicated to sea farers past and present. It’s painted on the side of the old Port Authority Building in Geelong and looks out over the bay.

photo: p1xels

photo: p1xels

I wanted to find someone that really fit the image of spending their life around the ocean, luckily I was put in contact with a local bloke named Bob, an ex-sailor now working at the Maritime Museum. He has that genuine weathered look and was nice enough to let me use his likeness (shot by p1xels) for the work.

Can you tell us a bit more about the mural specs?

The wall is roughly 20mx18m and took 11 days start to finish, with two days lost to bad weather. The wall was raw brick to start with and took two of us two days just to base coat, it was pretty much a sponge. It’s painted with brush and rollers using about 70L of low sheen weather shield paint.

photo: p1xels

photo: p1xels

Why was it important to you to document the painting process?

When you’re focused on the job you don’t really take time to think about the actual process, so having it documented by p1xels makes it possible to go back and assess what worked, what I overworked, and mistakes that can be avoided next time.

photo: p1xels

What can we expect to see from Cam Scale in 2016?

I haven’t painted overseas, so would love to do some large scale pieces in different places. I’m also looking forward to focusing on some canvas painting again for a show later in the year at Juddy Roller in Melbourne.


photo: p1xels