23rd Key X Uppercup X That One Shot


Name / tag:
23rd Key

Where are you from / based:

Describe your work or style:
Photorealistic stencil art with some freehand thrown in.

The Uppercup event is raising money for animal welfare, why is this a cause that you wanted to support?
I think it’s great to support any cause if I’m given the opportunity and I have the time and capabilities to help. I think it’s great whenever someone puts something together for a cause that they feel passionately about- having said that though I love animals so it’s a win-win.

Did the fact that this piece was for a major cause change they way you looked at and approached the project?
Not really- unless there is a ‘theme’ I’m told to follow, my thought process doesn’t always go straight to what the piece I’m making is for. The biggest challenge for me was the shape of the cup, and trying to create something unique.

Can you tell us a bit about your piece?
The artwork I created in my Uppercup is an old graphic from Street Fighter of Ryu doing a hurricane kick which revolves around the cup. I thought it’d look cool when you spun it. I grew up playing a lot of video games and I thought it’d make a rad movement work, and suit the cup perfectly.

How do you think urban art plays a part in raising awareness for causes such as animal welfare?
I think it’s more a question of how urban art raises awareness for anything. Most urban art is created because the person doing it feels passionately about something and puts their work and feelings into something so that when people see it they think or feel something. Sometimes the works relate to animal welfare, sometimes they don’t- I think urban art is a great tool for raising awareness about most things.


Who or what motivates you?
I’m definitely motivated by great artists, or artists who’s work I like. Most of the time though I’m motivated by my desire to create something better than what I’ve created before, that’s probably the biggest thing driving me.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
Kanye? I know, it’s not like he can’t do anything wrong, I just think the level he has gotten to- he could start releasing things he knew were terrible and people would still love them because his name is on it. I think that’s pretty inspiring, to have that kind of power of influence. I also think, for better or worse he’s a really passionate artist and cares a lot about his craft.

Who are you currently listening to?
Actually I’ve been listening to a lot of the Vantage Point podcasts at work and I came across a song the other day in one of their interviews by “Run The Jewels” have been listening to it almost nonstop ever since. It’s called ‘Blockbuster Night part 1’ it’s got a GREAT video to it too.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be? Would this change if it was for life?
I’d have to say Superman (Superwoman?) ever since I saw that monologue in ‘Kill Bill’ about superheroes, and because I grew up being a pretty big fan of the movies- fun fact: from memory, I’m pretty sure Mario Puzo (the author of The Godfather), wrote the screenplay for the original superman movie.. still totally classic films.

Who is your favourite artist of all time?
Even if I could pick more than one, it’d be a pretty long list, too many across different genres to name just one.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I think the ability to collaborate with anyone on specific projects would be great. Like if you think someone would do an awesome background or add an awesome style to your work. I’ve always loved the idea of collaboration but it’s definitely a little hard, being a stencil artist. I definitely want to experiment and collaborate more in future, I think it’s probably one of the best ways to get to know another artist.