TLP Print Release – The Rise of the Samurai of Paul

Their forthcoming print release titled ‘The Rise of the Samurai of Paul’ sees a trio of beaming, three-headed characters in a ‘floating city’ theme, originally hand drawn on canvas, created for their spring 2015 exhibition at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The occasion was, of course, marked by more of their Lads appearing outdoors in various spots, making themselves at home all around the famously vibrant city. It is a print that condenses the ambitious, irreverent brilliance of the pair as seen in vast, outdoor paintings in far-from-home locations, from Oslo to Los Angeles.


Bob of The London Police says: “The whole TLP journey makes us proud, as a rolling way of life without any high points that we could pick out as defining or favourite moments. The viewer of this particular print should feel a Yoda-like clearness of being. They should literally mirror the Jedi masters’, daily relaxed demeanour. Except for that time when Luke crash landed in his swamp and started being all needy and acting like a toolbox.”


Chaz says: “To be honest, it’s amazing we’ve got anywhere in life with Bob dressed, half the time, like an unemployed clown with depression.”


As well as creating art of evolving dimensions and varying scales, The London Police make dog songs that ‘are already famous, just no one knows it yet’. Their musical pedigree is difficult to dispute. With tracks appearing on the internet titled ‘Terminator Dog’, ‘So Many Dogs’ and ‘Snow Dogs’ they have created masterpieces which, when dogs inevitably rise up to take over the world, will be amongst the most important songs ever recorded.


The Rise of the Samurai of Paul by The London Police will be released to the public at 15.00 GMT on Friday 27 November 2015 in a strictly limited edition of 50, high-quality prints.


Cheba, of Edition Fifty, says: “The London Police are long-standing pioneers of street art, but have also comfortably fitted into gallery exhibitions and created a catalogue of work that people can take home to fully appreciate, whether on canvas or as prints. To say that they have a vision all of their own is an understatement. The way their work lights up the space around it is testament to their happy partnership and commitment to retaining a lightness of head and heart that hasn’t deserted them all these years down the line.”

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