The Jaunt – AKACorleone – Interview

Portuguese artist AKACorleone is the next artist to join The Jaunt, the art and travel project that sends artists all over the world to find inspiration. Artists who have participated in the project previously include Mike Perry, Niels Shoe Meulman, Cleon Peterson, Hedof, Collin van der Sluijs, and many, many others. For AKACorleone’s trip we are traveling to Catania, on the beautiful island of Sicily, Italy. A place with it’s obvious mafia history, but also home of Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. After AKACorleone comes home from his trip, he’ll visualize his new found inspiration into an artwork which will be produced as a limited edition screen print. This print is now for sale, at sight unseen, on the website of The Jaunt – Make sure you order one of the prints before the trip starts, before you miss your chance!

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We caught up with AKACorleone recently to get the lowdown before his Jaunt:

– Hey Pedro, What’s up? What are you working on at the moment?

Hey! All good in sunny Lisbon, super busy working on some new projects, preparing a few murals in Lisbon, also having fun experimenting with some new art pieces on my studio, I rarely have the opportunity to do this and it´s one of my favourite things, just play with new media, materials techniques, feel like a mad scientist!


– You are going on a trip for The Jaunt soon, are you ready for your trip?

Hahah! Never ready, I have to finish so many things first…this is part of my modus operandi!

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– Why Sicily? What is it that you are hoping to find there?

Sicily is a long time love affair, mainly because of my obsession with the Godfather saga, the roots of Cosa Nostra, this almost surreal atmosphere surrounding the history of Sicily.
Although the mafia is still very present in that area, I´m not planning on experiencing that reality, what I hope to find is a mix between the heavy influence of history and the beauty from it with with the decay of the reality there, it´s a tough area, full of social issues, Catania specially – for the big role it has on the refugees issue, it´s one of the main entry points in Europe from the tragic refugees migration, it´s a subject that is on everybody´s minds right now…


– Have you done any research or planning for your trip? Do you know how you will be spending your days there?

I have done a little bit of research of some places I want to go, hopefully I will travel a bit inside Sicily, but I am also counting a lot on the feeling I will have there and go with the flow, I don´t want to have it all figured out before…my goal is to let the experience there guide me, trust the unexpected and see what happens!


– Do you feel any sort of pressure with the presales of the prints and all the other artists that have gone on a trip before you?

I wouldn´t call it pressure, I see it as a motivation to do something new and fresh, I hope this trip inspires me to do something different than my previous releases, I think this is the goal of the project, to get out of my comfort zone and risk a little bit…


– What’s in store for 2016 for you? What will you be working on?

2016 is shaping up to be even better than 2015! there are some trips alligned for next year already, I hope to travel as much as this year, paint bigger murals, in crazier destinations! I am also working on my new solo show at Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon and planning some other cool stuff too soon to reveal haha!

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