NUART Box Set – Win A MOBSTR Artist Proof Print!


Featuring exclusive, signed limited edition screenprints from 15 of the worlds leading names in Street and Urban Art, NUART have released this limited edition boxset to celebrate 15 years of NUART, with 15 of the finest artists:

Bortusk Leer (UK, Jamie Reid (UK), Dotdotdot (NO), Isaac Cordal (ES), Martha Cooper (US), Futura (US), Fra Biancoshock (IT), Martin Whatson (Handfinished) (NO), Icy & Sot (IR), Ella & Pitr (FR), Sandra Chevrier (CA), Dotmasters (UK), Mobstr (UK), M-City (Hand-sprayed original) (PL), Pixel Pancho (IT)


Here’s your chance to get your hands on an exclusive anniversary boxset featuring 15 of the worlds leading names in Street and Urban Art. Hugely collectible and desirable works from the likes of Futura, Martha Cooper, Jamie Reid and Sandra Chevrier amongst many others presented in a hand embossed bespoke presentation box.

Pixel Pancho

The prints are 12″ (30 x 30cm) and the box size is 33 x 33cm – the same as the RPM of a 12″ vinyl.


The colours have been restricted to the most basic and primal colours: red, black & white, also the colours most commonly associated with revolution and activism.

Anthropologists and art historians have discovered that, culturally, the human perception of colour begins with these three primary shades: they are the most basic and primal, and all societies appear to recognise them and their symbolism.

Sandra Chevrier_detail

Though the artists and contents of this set are not intended to reflect revolution, they are, much like the festival itself, intended to reflect what a revolution hopes to achieve. That is, a change in the prevailing order of things, in this case, how and who gets to engage with art.


EDITION: 100 PRICE: 8500NOK / 921EUR / 676GBP / 1035USD (+ POSTAGE)

Nuart Festival is a strictly not-for-profit organisation. All funds generated from the sale of the boxset go towards ensuring the festival’s continued existence.

Jamie Reid

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