Luca Ionescu x Screaming Hand


Luca Ionescu is Sydney based typographer, designer, artist and curator
with a range of local and international commercial clients. Luca is also
the owner of Like Minded Studio, renowned for their logo and typography
work, which has been documented in numerous publications and online. His
long list of curatorial work through refilL magazine and beyond has
brought a range of established international artists to Australian shores
as well as showcasing established and emerging local talent. Like Minded
Studio studio has received international awards and recognition from the
New York Type Directors Club, D&AD, and Cannes Lions.

Damo: What’s your first memory of the Screaming Hand? Where does it take you
back to?

Luca Ionescu: The graphic for me has its earliest roots round 1990, the fam was living
in Fairfield an outer suburb of Sydney. That summer all the local kids
would be building our own make shift ramps to launch from at home and if
at all possible making a trip across town to get together at the large
vert ramp at Fairfield Pool, which attracted a congregation older
skaters from all around showing off their skills, whilst the youngsters
would sit gazing in awe as if upon some idol skate gods. The 7 ply
objects of desire were adorned in Santa Cruz & Peralta graphics. The
rendering and detail on Jim Phillips speed wheels is the earliest memory
of spotting the screaming hand along w the dope vains making the
lettering out the back wrapping round the wheel.

Damo: In your opinion, what do you think the Screaming Hand has contributed
towards the scene over it’s life? What do you think the future may hold
for such an iconic image?

Luca Ionescu: Its timeless because it captures the essence of youth the need for
speed and need to exert all that energy asa young skater that meant
launching off the highest object on your board. And the screaming hand
an inevitable end result that awaited, in flesh gripping whatever it
landed on drawing some blood and a scream then getting up and doing it
all again.

No doubt the graphic will keep influencing and reincarnating into many
different forms and mediums as it inspires a new gen of skaters and

Damo: How does it feel to be selected to be involved in the project?

Luca Ionescu: It’s an awesome opportunity to pay homage to the iconic graphic & its creator Jim Phillips and have the work displayed along side a top roster of local and international talent.

Damo: Why did you choose to represent the image in this way?

Luca Ionescu:
I wanted to bring the hand alive and do so in a style i create for 3D illustrations. So modeling the hand as a 3D animation then using
lenticular media helped do that. Th constraints of the original brief too
which was doing on a flat medium sparked the idea to work on capturing
motion on the flat surface!