Katrin Fridriks Is Opening “New Wave” @ Circle Culture Gallery

Fridriks Speed of Light - High Frequency diptyque 270x130+5cm - 2015

After exhibiting at the Global Art Affairs Foundation at Palazzo Bembo Venice in the context of the Biennale di Venezia 2015, releasing a new limited edition screenprint with Lazarides and having her first monograph release scheduled for later in a year, Katrin Fridriks (featured in issue #26), is rounding up a successful year with a solo show “New Wave”. Opening on November 6th @ Circle Culture Gallery in Hamburg, this exhibition will include new works that continue her research on the relations between mass, speed and the distribution of energy.

Unique in both visual and technical aspect of her practice, Iceland-born conceptual artist is on the constant quest of finding new way to capture movement and energy in her abstract paintings. For this particular show she created a new body of square pieces that are focused on the law of gravity, using a newly developed technique of shooting the paint on the canvas at a certain speed and frequency. The result are vibrant works created used bright primary colors that applied on silver primed canvases give an illusion of paint levitating above the surface. These new works are result of artist’s strive to capture the creative force on canvas in similar manner she would execute a letter in one brush stroke when learning Japanese calligraphy years ago. More fluid and seemingly calmer than some of the previous works seen from the artist, the new pieces feel like they are about to continue their lava lamp movements, constantly changing shapes and playing with the observer’s eye. The show will be staying on view through February 26th so plenty of time for Fridriks’ fans to make their way to Hamburg and see it in person.


Fridriks Good luck chevalier 100x100x5cm
Fridriks Mass Sensation 100x100+5cm - 2015 side
Fridriks New Wave, Gravity 130x130+5cm - 2015 side
Fridriks Waving Miracle 130x130+5cm - 2015 side