Artcore – ESTHISIS – Group Show

The second exhibition for Artcore International’s newest gallery, Crow’s Nest Gallery, features contemporary art from a diverse selection of international urban artists, many of whom have developed from writing illegal graffiti and have risen in popularity to exhibit at esteemed art establishments like Victoria & Albert Museum, Moniker Art Fair, Miami Basel Art Fair, Nuart Festival and Cans Festival organised by Banksy.

Danny O'Connor_the Krah_Crows Nest Gallery_promo_Art_west London_Portobello_urban_streetart

International artists from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Germany, Australia and North America sit amongst a pool of talented British artists. World renowned metal sculpture artists who previously rocked their work at Burning Man Festival and Glastonbury Festival add some Mad-Max fury to the Crow’s Nest special winter exhibition. A sprinkling of the most-promising newcomers on the scene, who will be taking stage for the first time, add a cherry to the top of this fiery Christmas Pudding.

Codefc_the Krah_Crows Nest Gallery_promo_Art_west London_Portobello_urban_streetart

Mirror, Mirror is a photography exhibition that sits within Esthisis, it includes work by renowned photographers alongside up and comers. It explores our perception of ‘beauty’ and has as it’s centre piece the sculpture of the disfigured actor Adam Pearson who will be in attendance on the opening night.

alexandros vasmoulakis_Athens_Greece_the Krah_Crows Nest Gallery_promo_Art_west London_Portobello_urban_streetart

The show is curated by pioneering graffiti artist The KRAH and multi media artist and film maker Dan Moss..

Gabi Norland_mirror mirror_Crows Nest gallery_artcore_Esthisis_Dan Moss

The Crow’s Nest Gallery is not your average art gallery. It boasts an impressive 1,500 sq meters of gallery space, with the main room’s exposed ceiling beams keeps 10 meters of headroom for your contemplation. The façade of the gallery features larger-than-life graffiti by artists from the gallery’s premier exhibition. The gallery resides in a converted MOT building, lovingly re-purposed by the non-profit UK charity, Artcore International.

schoony_the Krah_Crows Nest Gallery_promo_Art_west London_Portobello_urban_streetart

Paintings and Sculptures Featuring:
Inkie, Dan Kitchener, Matt Small, Schoony, Carrie Reichardt, Nick Reynolds, K-Guy
Joseph Loughborough, Mr. Christa, Carne Griffiths, Danny O’Connor, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, The Krah, Dotmasters, Rugman, Dan Lish, Toasters, Matt Crump, Otto Schade, Tee Wat, Dr.D,
Karina Akopyan, Alex Wreckage, Cunni Outsider, Mike Turner, Tony D’Amico,
Mr. Cenz, Trust Icon, John Munro, Teddy Baden, Andrey Adno, Olivia Skalkos,
Liam Hayhow, Alessandro Caligaris, Darkam, Zoe Moss, Luke Moss, Elno, Kiela69,
Mr. Switch, Illustre Feccia, ATM, Peter Sulo, Sergii Radkevych, Hydro74, Wild Drawing, Sister Dagger Bliss and Codefc.

Carne Griffiths_the Krah_Crows Nest Gallery_promo_Art_west London_Portobello_urban_streetart

Photography Featuring:
Dylan Collard, Joe Giacomet, Molly Macindoe, Nadia Otshudi, Dasa Raimanova, Gabi Norland, Ana Sabino and Ahmad Kurdi.