Imperfections Reflections: Mr. Di Maggio + Twoone

Imperfections Reflections: Mr. Di Maggio + Twoone (aka Hiroyasu Tsuri) from AVANTGARDEN GALLERY, Milan – Opening Thursday, October 8 18.30 – Runs from 8th October to 28th November 2015

Twoone wall_© 2015

Two different personalities but united by the same introspective approach fraught with psychological references: both make a “trip”, in their unconscious, for a face to face with his dark side, two artists who through the language of street art tell us about them and maybe even a little about us.
From Avantgarden Gallery, Mr. Di Maggio and Twoone, each with their own distinctive mark, will exhibit a series of new works that are a tribute to the concept of beauty.

Twoone Meet face selfie_© 2015

This is not the canonical and objective concept of beauty, but rather its opposite: the two artists are interested about imperfection, that, even if crude, it is magnificent, because true and authentic as it does not need camouflage. Major challenge in this society that promises eternal youth and sees the beauty in imitation and illusion.

Twoone Baboon_© 2015

Twoone is a Japanese artist who has been working in Australia, where it is famous for its murals of great emotional impact and for his drawings in which he tells his inner world.
His works are populated by masks that look like real psychological portraits. His anthropomorphic subjects, real human figures that blend to the animal traits often disturbing, symbolize more instinctual and visceral instances that integrate to the more rational ones.

Twoone_x2peices_© 2015

The artist explores the essence, he wants to get the root. Its production is characterized by symbolic images, sometimes macabre, like the skulls in strong colors and bold strokes, icon of the eternal theme of “Memento mori” that dot the art since ancient times. His being figurative perfectly blends with a strong impetus to the abstract. His murals may be the boards of a treaty of psychology.

Twoone Studio_© 2015

Mr. Di Maggio instead lives in Milan but he has a background of numerous foreign experiences.
Watching his works means to meet his soul, with his obsessions, his passions and his queries. In his production we find its articulated and bizarre universe: his travels, his love for the bicycle, his beard, his family, his friends, his questions or insecurities. The characters of Mr. Di Maggio are sometimes strong and sometimes weak, represent the contradictions and facets of the human soul: anxieties, doubts, dreams and fantasies (or nightmares?).

Twoone_SkullFlag_© 2015

As Monica Fornaciari says “… his works are perfect mechanisms of soul searching, are the sublimation of anxieties and fears, caused by a strong mark and, at the same time, gentle and considerate. His works depart from the belly and if remodeling it is not to soften a concept, but only to make it more understandable and, at times, hard. Drawing, for him means to remember and live together. ”