Hanksy Presents: “Surplus Candy” Los Angeles, CA.


This past Saturday, NYC-based artist and pun extraordinaire Hanksy led an art take over on an abandoned mansion in South Central LA. Titled Surplus Candy, the one day only show featured work from over 100 artists from around the world.


In the week leading up to the event the artists ran amok throughout the home and had their way with the walls. The exterior of the home was a traditional, albeit kind of creepy, 100+ year old mansion, while the inside was a paint wonderland. Narrow staircases and long corridors led to room after room of a wide variety of art styles. Hanksy commented that “The mansion is empty. It’s over a century old and while it’s a bit banged up, it’s still a magnificent beast. And after it’s all painted up, it’ll be a perfect metaphor for Hollywood. Pretty and pristine on the outside, but all fucked up on the inside.”


While mentions of Surplus Candy could be found in the social media realm before the opening through their hashtag #surpluscandy, the exact location wasn’t revealed until mere hours before the event. The top secret nature only helped piqued people’s interest. Practically everyone inside was on their phones taking pictures while everyone outside were anxiously texting their friends to get them in. Lines to check out the inside wrapped around the home and they even had to turn away people at the end of the night. With no brands, no sponsors and no money involved just over 2000 people showed up proving that Hanksy really knows how to throw a party.


After the show, the entire home was buffed over as if the event never happened. The hyper-transitory event mimics the fleeting nature of unsanctioned art in the street. Enjoy our full recap from the first stages of the empty home to the madhouse it became.


























































































Photos: Birdman

Text: Keisha Leng