URBAN NATION One Wall: Onur & Wes21

URBAN NATION One Wall: Onur & Wes21 evoke the destruction of the world with a massive mural in Kreuzberg, Berlin.


The object of art is to depict an unfiltered vision of contemporary life, to give a face to our desires, to draw attention to misunderstandings. Street artists Onur & Wes21 pursue just this goal. In their work, the two Swiss artists explore the idea of the ecosystem of the planet Earth as infested by human parasites. Their public art aims to grab peoples’ attention and encourage them to think.

Painters Onur Dinc and Remo Lienhard, a.k.a. Wes21, created their mural at Prinzenstrasse 19 in Berlin Kreuzberg on behalf of URBAN NATION, Berlin’s network for urban contemporary art. “The world we knew as children no longer exists,” explain the artists. “Humans are on track to destroy their own habitat, to exploit their own planet, and to throw its delicate ecosystem out of balance.”


In their mural, the earth is depicted as a partially-eaten apple. In its reference to the Garden of Eden, the apple evokes the sins of mankind like no other fruit. The continents are still visible, but the inevitable destruction is spreading. The bitten-off piece of the earth flies off into nothingness on the building opposite the apple itself. Humanity sits astride that fragment in the form of a “very hungry caterpillar”, gazing back in confusion. Humanity has learned its lesson far too late; it has failed to fulfil its responsibility protect the world.

This work of art was created as part of URBAN NATION’s “One Wall” project. The Berlin-based network under the leadership of Yasha Young regularly invites German and international stars from the street art scene to turn bland buildings into colourful masterpieces and forever change the face of the city with urban art.