Project 5 Volume 7: APESEVEN


Apeseven is a self-proclaimed Pop Surrealist based in Sydney, Australia. His emotive works are informed by a decade-long career in street art and graffiti, and his large-scale murals, which are imbued with a poetic sensitivity that belies the rough reputation of his genre, can be found to grace walls across the city. His background in skateboarding has nurtured a unique relationship with the urban environment, which he embraces in the execution of his public works. Inspired by the effect the recontextualisation has on his subject matter, Apeseven’s work is currently founded on an interest in the complex bio-feedback driven loops involving skeletal structures.

Apeseven has been featured in close to one hundred group exhibitions since 2003, and publications including Yen Magazine, Cream Magazine and art books Rah Collective Book One and Just Another Book. He has held seven solo shows since 2005.