Art Appeal

Europe is facing it’s worst refugee crisis since the Second World War. Millions of desperate people are fleeing war zones. And many of them are children. While you reading this thousands of frightened refugee children are out there homeless and exposed to unspeakable dangers.


You can help them now through buying art!

A bunch of amazingly generous artists have donated some incredible artwork, which will go on sale this coming Monday 15:00 (UK time) @


All proceeds from these sales will go to: Save the Children UK ‘Child Refugee Crisis Appeal’

Participating artists include: Antony Micallef, Chloe Early, Conor Harrington, Eelus, Flying Fortress, Lucy McLauchlan, Mysterious Al, Ronzo


BUY ART + DO GOOD! No more bodies on the beach!


If reposting on insta and twitter, please use the tags #artappeal #refugeeswelcome