‘Here and Now’ – Scott Albrecht


‘Here and Now’ is a solo exhibition of new works by Brooklyn-based artist Scott Albrecht, featuring a collection of works on paper, wood panel, and dimensional woodworks.

‘Here and Now’ showcases Scott’s latest work which plays off of his graphic style of intricate typographic woodworks, colorful patterning and found object re-appropriation. Taking inspiration from recent events in his life that have resulted in larger shifts or change happening around him. The work is aimed to highlight these situations in varying degrees – from coping with the unforeseen, to recognizing the opportunities from what is available.


Scott says “this past year I’ve seen and thought a lot about bigger events that have happened with both myself, and the people around me. As I started to take note of some of these situations, this idea of change and shift was becoming more and more prevalent. The work in Here and Now is really me taking these situations and processing them. Trying to understand how to deal or cope or even anticipate them in the future.”

While change can be a somewhat scary unknown to some, Scott repeatedly tries to take the optimistic road of opportunity in a situation. The sentiments in his works are genuine, recognizing both the good and bad but ultimately focussed forward.

With a graphic design background, hand-drawn typography tends to play a larger role in his work, with both literal characters and abstracted. A new series of of multi-layered woodworks, abstracts the letters into a series of bold, colorful, graphic shapes. At first glance these works appear to be an exercise in form, but within the shapes lie a grid of letters in disguised message. The largest in the series, “The Future is Forever” measures approximately 44” x 24”, and is comprised of nearly 180 wooden shapes in varying depths, individually cut, sanded, painted and re-assembled.

Other works in the exhibition continue to act as an extension of Albrecht’s growing graphic language. As part of an ongoing series, Here and Now will also feature a selection of new woodworks and paper studies from his hand series. In this series, the works showcase an assortment of graphically stylized hands, each individually embellished representing various characteristics or personality types. Albrecht uses the hand as a canvas in this series with the simple idea that actions speak louder than words, and the hands being symbolic of a person’s personal history. New to this series is a set of two hands titled “Companions” which is similarly crafted but incorporates two raised triangles on each hand that when put together locks the hands in place, creating a union.

Held at Battalion Amsterdam and will run from July 3rd—24th, 2015.