‘A Feature Presentation’ – Hanna Newman and Joshua Smith

Curse of the Coven

The USA based Unearthed film production studios were a horror film studio at large in the 1970s. Rivaling the Amicus and Hammer Horror film studios, the company, formed by Hanna Newman and Joshua Smith was big hit in Grind-house theatres until an explosion occurred on the set of the unreleased film ‘The Sisters of Satan’ in 1979 engulfing the entire film studios in fire.

All copies of the films and posters were thought destroyed in the fire until a group of urban explorers from Adelaide, Australia found a cache of Unearthed Production film memorabilia in an underground chamber of a disused Insane Asylum in Duluth. Copies of the poster artwork, production and publicity stills and the unearthed last remaining copy of the trailer for ‘A Sacrifice for Satan’ (aka Ritual) (1976) were found and handed to the Institute of Film for verification and safekeeping.

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This is the first time these artworks have been shown in Australia.

In reality, Unearthed Productions is the brainchild collaboration of Hanna Newman from Minnesota, USA and Joshua Smith from Adelaide, South Australia (SA). Formed in 2015 whilst Hanna was in Adelaide for a cultural exchange program at University SA this exhibition is the first of a series of ongoing collaborations between these two artists.

Unearthed Productions

On show at the Capri Theatre in Goodwood, South Australia for the South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival, ‘A Feature Presentation’ revolves around a series of faux 1970s horror films created from nothing. Hanna has created a series of black & white film photos of publicity and production photos whilst Joshua has created a series of fake movie posters. Taking things even further the duo have created a fake film trailer for one of the films teaming up with local photographer/filmmakers Ashleigh Knott and Jared Boyle.

The exhibition opens at 7:30pm this Friday, 31 July in the foyer of the Capri Theatre followed at 9:00 pm by the trailer screening and showing of the 1968 classic ‘The Devil Rides Out’ starring the late Christopher Lee.