Pejac creates series of works in Hong Kong


After painting mostly around Europe, Pejac recently took off on a trip to Asia and we just received some images of his first works created there. During his recent stay in Hong Kong, Spanish artist created couple of signature works around the city. Famous for his clever concepts and unusual approach to creating public works, the artist left couple of striking works before leaving the place. Using different mediums as well as different settings for his work, he once again showed the power of simple interventions when thoughtfully designed and executed, often including the surrounding as an essential part of his work.


In Chinese culture the Dragon is a symbol of strength and power. Famous for it’s ability to spit fire, this ferocious mythical creature can cause hurricanes and floods. Pejac decided to humanize and demystify this creature by putting him into urban area in Hong Kong Central, precisely on Hollywood Road 97, and add some almost human values to it. Using flame torch and black and white ink, the artist created a small dragon tagging a heart symbol in a small alley.



This intervention is classic example of a concept and simplicity hitting the right spot. The piece was set and left in front of the Central Government Complex of Hong Kong where last year ‘Umbrella Revolution’ protests happened. The installation consist of a paper made MSN Hotmail Butterfly trapped in a glass jar. Imitating the way kids often capture insects, this work is actualla a metaphor for the imprisonment of free speech and communication under Chinese law.


The Re-Thinker

This piece continues series of works that Pejac has been creating for years, drawing with ink on windows and using his surrounding as a base or background for his work. The re-thinker was made on his hotel bathroom window as an invitation to locals to  to stop and re-think their lives. Facing very different life rhythm than what he is used to in Spain, Pejac felt that locals are not able to think for themselves, due to the life pace or the lack of time and space in the city.