Lee Quinones Brings Back The Decades With a Pop Up Gallery Downtown, NYC!

Legendary graffiti artist Lee Quinones debuted a stellar pop-up gallery show at Nicole Kladsbrun Pop Up Gallery of early, never seen before drawings presented alongside a range of new works, which collectively span 1975 to the present and establish the dynamic lineage of his art over the years.


This exhibit which centers on the dichotomy of the old and new as well as turbulence and calm, also highlights the literal marks of “street art.”  These elements provide the link to Quinones’ current studio practice as well as to the debut of a site-specific wall piece at the gallery that is inspired by the rich history established by his works on paper.  This dynamic show is running now through June 7, 2015, not to miss!
IMG_8196 IMG_8190IMG_8206 IMG_8188 IMG_8183 IMG_8181 IMG_8177 IMG_8165
The gallery is located at
291 Grand St., (ground floor), Chinatown, New York City, USA.
Visit: @leequinones on Instagram