Francisco Diaz aka Pastel paints a new mural in Gaeta, Italy


Currently in Europe for a two men show he is having with Elian @ Montana Gallery in Barcelona, Francisco Diaz aka Pastel was recently in Italy. Invited by the Memorie Urbane festival, Argentinian artist recently finished “Non ora (Not now)” mural.

Usually mixing the natural, mostly floral elements, against man made objects, mostly prehistoric ones, Pastel created another beautiful piece that looks like a wallpaper wrapping up the facade of a building. This effect is emphasized by covering every side of the unusual structure, but also, using black color as a background against dimmed tones of pink, orange, blue or beige. Though feeling decorative at first, as usual, the artist is hiding a deeper message in his work. In this particular case, he painted African plants, symbolizing native roots of people trying to immigrate to Europe. With the problem of immigrants from Africa being bigger and bigger through Europe, the artist is calling on action with this piece at one of first stops for majority of those looking for brighter future – south Italy.