‘World Civil War Portraits’ – Sara Shamma

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‘World Civil War Portraits’ is a major solo exhibition of new paintings by internationally acclaimed Sara Shamma, one of Syria’s best known artists.

A powerful and moving product of the terrible civil war in Syria, ‘World Civil War Portraits’ is informed by Shamma’s personal experience of the conflict. Forced to flee Syria in 2012 after a car bomb exploded outside her flat. Shamma now lives in the Lebanon with her young family whilst her husband remains working in Damascus.

Shamma, as one of the most perceptive artists of the region, is in a unique position to allude not only to the tragedy of Syria but to the escalating strife in the Middle East and throughout the world. She continues to paint in exile with a single voice which speaks directly of her own experience and creates a connection with the viewer which is hard to ignore.

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