Introducing…… RILLA


Sydney based artist Rilla recently took 5 with Damo prior to his trip to Canberra to tear up ArtNotApart

Damo: Talk us through your style.

Rilla: I’ve been recognised by my style for a while now, confusingly enough I can’t recognise a style to my own work. My ideas and media is always changing and evolving with each artwork. If I had to say something particularly focusing on my street art work, I would say it always has to be big, bold and emotional something that makes you stop and think what if… I leave a lot of room for the observers own perception on what the big picture is with my pieces, all my art work has meaning and some times far from what they think.

Damo: And if you had to condense that to one gut-reaction word?

Rilla: If I was to give a one worded gut reaction to my work I’d hope it would be “whooaaah” or “hahaha”. I try to keep my work light hearted and fun even if the images are pretty dark the meanings are usually sarcastic or humorous.

Damo: How did you get into art, specifically that on the street?

Rilla: I always wonder how I got into what I do now, it’s all such a blur. It would of all started as I was growing up in Melbourne catching a train, tram and a bus to school everyday, sitting there staring at tags or pieces, big, small, high or hidden and wondering how they got there and how can I get there more importantly. My hand style was terrible and has never improved, I soon saw murals and characters and started drawing. I started practicing in abandoned buildings and railways, doing some toy ass shit! I started to go out to the more popular spots where I can get seen, learning fast not to step on respected graffers feet. Now it’s a life style, a drug I would say and it has let me meet some amazing artists, people and writers I looked up to as I was sitting on the train to school when I was young, it blows my mind now.

Damo: Where do you draw your inspiration from? Music? Other art?

Rilla: Most of my inspiration these days come from a creative group of people I surround myself with. Not so much inspiration to my style or art but more to my approach on the attack of art and life style I now live. I’ve had some great street artists take me under their wing and push me to get up. I get inspired by their drive and passion for the world we live in as artists.

Damo: What pisses you off?

Rilla: I don’t get pissed off with much except people that say ” I wish I could paint.” Everyone can paint! When ever that happens I chuck them a can and say have a go! Most of the time they do and are now addicts.

Damo: You’re coming down to Canberra soon, what can we expect to see?

Rilla: I’m down in Canberra this week to install a large mural for art not apart festival . Also showcasing some of my smaller work of spray cans, fire extinguishers and surf boards I’ve painted for RAW artist show. Every time I’m down I make time to catch up with all the local street artists for a paint or a collab and just generally try n get up everywhere.

Damo: What else is in the Rilla-works for 2015?

Rilla: 2015 !!! Who knows I have a lot of commission works pumping out this year plus some fun large installments. Planning to get up in new places, New Zealand trip on the cards also really wanting to get back to Melbourne and start making my mark on the streets I used to froth over when I was young. Other than that just paint, paint, paint !!!!


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