‘Art & Life’ – Work-Shop Australia

Currently based in Sydney and Melbourne, Work-Shop is a creative concept that claims it will broaden your horizons and help you unleash your inner awesome. Their Sydney digs are also engulfed in some pretty dope art. We recently caught the 23rd Key stencil workshop, and whilst there ran into co-founder Chester. He spills the beans…..

Damo: What is Work-Shop?

Chester: Work-Shop is all about creativity and community. We run a really fun range of classes taught by a rock-star line up of Australia’s finest creative talent. You can learn anything from aerosol art and typography through to tattoo illustration and screen printing. Our aim is to help people unleash their inner awesome and give them skills to live a creatively enriched life.

Guido Van Helten

Damo: How did you come up with the concept of Work-Shop?

Chester: Me and my co-founder, Matt Branagan, were sitting at the pub one day and looked around and everyone was on their phones. In this technology saturated society, people are consuming more than creating and even though we’re more “connected” than ever, there seems to be a break down in real life interactions. We wanted to establish a community driven hub for likeminded people to come together and experience the joy you get from learning something new. As you get older, you tend to forget how cool it is to try new things or pick up a new skill.

Thomas Jackson x Numskull

Damo: Do you have any plans to expand into any other cities (or countries?!)

Chester: We launched our Melbourne space in Fitzroy last year in September which going great guns. We’re also looking at setting up Brisbane and potentially Adelaide in the not too distant future. Watch this space.

Damo: At the end of March, you have a class with Anthony Lister. What can people expect from this class?

Chester: It is Anthony Lister so anything could happen. Haha! The man is an eccentric genius with an amazing vision of how public space should be used. He’s planning on taking students on an adventure through the streets to talk about subversive art, scouting locations, community awareness and show people different techniques. One thing is guaranteed… it will be a fun ride.

Anthony Lister

Damo: You are having one of the biggest names in Australian street art conduct a class in the first quarter of 2015. What else can we expect to see this year?
Chester: We’ve been fortunate to attract some very high profile artists to teach at Work-Shop and the line up just keeps getting better.

In terms of street art, we have:

An Introduction To Street Art with Sid
An All Girls’ Aerosol Class with Vanderlism

A Street Screen-printing class with Cam Scott

We keep the range of classes really broad so there’s something for everyone. Check out the full list of classes here!



Georgia Hill x James Jirat Patradoon

Photos: Natasha Mulhall