Li-Hill – Carbon

C.A.V.E. Gallery is pleased to present “Carbon” – an impressive new collection of work by Li-Hill.


The global tension of man versus nature continues to be a driving influence in Li-Hill’s work. For this new series, Li-Hill portrays a diverse selection of animals whose habitat is threatened by the effects of industrialization, especially carbon producing industries.
The show title references the cycle of life and death. It is a reminder that all matter is made from carbon and starts and finishes with this element. The series also reflects the effects of carbon emissions on climate change and the dire consequences this has on habitats and the natural world.


The exhibition includes a series of 10 monochromatic animal portraits created with graphite and spray paint – highly carbon concentrated materials. Li-Hill employs an ephemeral aerosol technique so that the subjects appear to dissipate – reflecting the inevitable breakdown of all matter to molecules of carbon. The series is a beautiful representation of the artist’s fascinating signature style where subjects float with a dynamic tension and a rhythmic balance.

CAVE_Li_hill_VeniceCA1 copy

Li-Hill is a Canadian visual artist currently based in Brooklyn. He received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) in 2011. In addition to his studio work, the artist is also known for his large scale urban murals and constructing complex, multi-layered installations with found objects and unconventional materials.

Li-Hill has exhibited across the world in countries including Australia, Thailand, China, Canada and the US. He has had works shown in national institutions such as the National Gallery of Victoria, The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire.