Ella & Pitr Showing “See You Soon Like the Moon” in Paris


Ella & Pitr are currently showing “See You Soon Like the Moon”, their first Paris solo show with Galerie La Feuvre. After creating worldwide series of enormous large public works by painting grounds, rooftops, car parks, school yards, or drawing in the sand, snow or in the fields, the art duo wanted to introduce their studio works to the general public.
Significantly different when it comes to physical borders of the work surface, ability to see and control the progress and detail of their work, these canvas and paper works are a great representation of their dreamy, fairy tale-like imagery. In the same matter their giants, fallen angels or mythical creatures are enclosed by the walls of a building, borders of a playground, same happens with the studio works. While this concept gives weight and power to their works and makes images look big, it also gives it emotive tone by giving the impression that the walls, limits and borders keep their creations trapped inside.
The show opened on the 15th of January and will be on view until 14th of February.


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