A SHOWCASE of Stupid Krap…


Curated by Ben Frost and Aaron Craig, SHOWCASE brings together a selection of NEW TALENT as well as some of the best Australian and international artists that have worked with Stupid Krap over the last 12 months.

Co-curator Ben Frost words Damo up on the show.

Damo: Tell us about the upcoming Stupid Krap Showcase?

BF: It’s an intimate snapshot of Stupid Krap’s footprint within the local and international art world – celebrating the amazing talent that we have had the pleasure to work with over the last few years, and some of the new artists we’re excited to showcase.

Blankspace Gallery will be filled from floor to ceiling with international artists like Sharktoof, Greg Gossel, Mysterious Al and Denial, as well as Australian artists who have been making it big overseas like Vexta, Twoone, Gemma O’Brien and We Buy Your Kids. Some of the new names that we’re excited to work with for the first time, such as Nathaniel Kiwi, John Avanti, Loretta Lizzio, Danilo Brandao and William Ngheim – will be well worth coming to check out.

Damo: What’s the concept behind Stupid Krap?

BF: Stupid Krap is coming up on its 10 year anniversary, and in that time we’ve been very focused on promoting and giving emerging and established artists opportunities for exhibitions, print releases and events within Australia and internationally.
The term ‘Stupid Krap’ is very loaded, existing in deep irony, as a statement on how urban and underground art has often been viewed by the mainstream and consumerist culture. Art is ultimately disposable – but it is also of ultimate importance. As Dr. Phil once said: “We are all defined by the Stupid Krap in our lives.”

Damo: How do you go about choosing who and what becomes part of the show? Was it difficult curating the show?

BF: The hardest thing about selecting artists for a show like this is knowing when to stop. ‘Showcase’ sees itself opening at Blankspace Gallery, which has been a mainstay for the Sydney art scene over the last 10-15 years. It’s a small and intimate gallery, so that gave Aaron Craig and myself some welcome ‘restrictions’ on how much work and how big we could go with it.

Damo: What can we expect to see from Stupid Krap in 2015?

BF: We’ve been moving into a nice mix of prints and unique editioned originals lately, and that will continue into 2015. We also have some more exhibitions and events lined up to showcase the awesome artists that we come in contact on a daily basis.