Todd James Is Opening “Pump Pump” @ Alice Gallery


On 22nd of January, Todd James will be back @ Alice gallery in Brussels for his second solo show with them titled “Pump Pump”. The new body of work is focused on criticizing the American way of life, by glorifying it’s values and behavior.
His colorful guache works depict a schizophrenic society, mixing together phenomenons and elements that make it specific and recognizable. By intertwining the clichés of an American happiness and hedonism with images that represent the violence and war politics, he creates a contrast that is bordering between humorous and shocking. Primarily focused on the colors and minimal shapes and forms, his works feature lots of explicit images that are “hidden” within his naive aesthetic. Naked voluptuous blondes, deadly weapons, grim reaper, wounds and blood, video games, terrorists, gangsters, are some of repeating elements that will be presented in this show which will stay on view until the end of February 2015.