Sweet Toof – Derailed – Pandemic Gallery NYC

SWEET TOOF “DERAILED” – Opening Reception 12.12.14


Theres no real way to avoid the imagery SWEET TOOF presents to the public. The average citizen stops to observe just as intensely as the dedicated street photographer. His bright, colorful iconography is unmistakable. Strangely seductive, cartoon skulls grin malevolently from ear to ear, while disembodied floating gums appear seemingly in the hundreds all over the urban landscape, everything consistently overflowing with toothy turmoil. From site specific street graffiti and large scale murals to blanketing the abandoned structures of the city, his artistic presence is highly prolific, spanning several countries.

For this show he is concentrating heavily on the freight train graffiti scene in the USA that he has been so highly inspired by. Transforming the gallery walls to depict certain freights cars as an homage to the steel canvas that so many great artists working today rely on. Handcrafted freight replicas made from vintage warehouse carts as well as salvaged train sets will be on display, adorned end to end with SWEET TOOF’S magnetizing magenta chompers.

Several new oil paintings of all different sizes, painstakingly rendered in his distinctive, creep-show traditionalism style will also be on display. Out from beautifully painted scenery sprouts depictions of eery figures toiling away, unaware of their macabre appearance. Other works resembling portraits of undead royalty sit patiently in ornate frames sporting Elizabethan ruffles and seem to mesmerize and transfix the observer.