Adrian Falkner aka Smash 137 new solo show and new print release


Swiss artist Adrian Falkner aka Smash 137 recently opened his solo show @ in Germany. Ex graffiti artist who entered the fine art world back in 2008, introduced the new body of work titled Neue Farbe. Staying true to his roots and strong influence of NYC wild style, Smash137 created an impressive series of heavily abstract works. With noticeable spraycan strokes, fat cap lines, and all the other elementary components of classic graffiti, these works still have an undeniable aesthetics of contemporary fine art abstract works.

Along with introducing his solo show, Basel-born artist recently finished working on his upcoming print release @ Idem Studio in Paris. Here is what Adrian says about the release:

It took me almost one year to find the right painting, which I wanted to use for my first Lithograph. Finally I chose this painting on paper because it’s closest in size and material. I preferred not to take a large painting and scale it down to the size of the Lithography. For me the lines loose a lot of strength and energy when they are put out of proportion.

Available through Print Them All, Steel Blue will be released in an edition of only 70 pieces on Wednesday, 3rd of December @ 2pm GMT.


Working with Print Them All and Idem was a great experience. The old printing factory in Paris is a piece of art itself. I feel very comfortable there nonetheless because they’re only printing lithographs of artists and no adds or business related stuff. On my first day, Alëxone Dizac was painting on a stone for his lithograph, in the machine was a litho by Vhils, another one by Bezt just got stacked up and C215’s got numbered after he had just signed them. I fall immediately in love with these place and the old honorable printing locomotives. Watching them work made me feel good and it was honestly the first time that I really understood the craft and the difference between a lithograph and a silkscreen print.

– Smash 137