The Extinction Project – Walden

In an artistic world where bigger is better, it can be easy to overlook street art’s subtler areas. From an 8-inch, 8-bit invader to a psychedelically coloured rough-and-ready Pidgeon statue brightening up your morning commute, it’s the little things that can sometimes make a big impact. Walden, or Indiana as she is casually known is prolific within the Shoreditch area of London, the local geography saturated with the quiet presence of her eulogy-style pieces, highlighting the extinction of iconic animals in the not so distant past.


We caught up with her for a quick chat about her miniature wheat-pastes that have popped up across the city, what they’re all about and what we can expect in the future.

“Since three years ago my work has focused on the idea of wilderness and freedom, in escaping from the current modern society and moving to the country. This society steals most of our time in exchange for money that we spend on things we do not need, and in the process we are destroying what we really belong to: the nature and the wild.”


“The ‘Extinction project’ project aims to give a new purpose to extinct animals: conquer the streets of our modern cities and make people realize what we are losing along the way.
The project and ‘Walden’ is constantly growing, new animals in the streets constantly, bigger sizes each time… and very soon they will dominate more cities around the world!”