Kai & Sunny – Lots of Bits of Star – Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Kai & Sunny (born 1975 and 1977, respectively) are a London-based artist duo. They both graduated from the Epsom School of Art in Surrey, United Kingdom with degrees in Art and Design. They have collaborated with Alexander McQueen, Shepard Fairey and have won numerous accolades, including a 2012 D&AD Design Award. Works by Kai & Sunny have been exhibited internationally at institutions such as Haunch of Venison, and are included in the Victoria & Albert Museum Print Archive Collection.


Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NY, is pleased to present Lots of Bits of Star, a series of new works by the London-based artist duo Kai & Sunny in what will be their first solo exhibition in New York. In conjunction with the exhibition, the artists will release a new print edition, available for purchase at the opening reception.

Primarily inspired by nature, works by Kai & Sunny depict stylized imagery of flora and fauna. By reducing natural forms to geometric patterns, the artists’ collaborative work blurs the gap between fine art and design. Their process begins with hand-drawn sketches that undergo various stages, including digital, before the final result: hand-finished and pulled monochromatic screen prints on wood, copper and paper. Before printing, the artists infuse their inks with mineral powders, to achieve a distinct texture and sheen.

The works in Lots of Bits of Star revolve around contradicting perceptions of the natural world, balancing the serene with the fierce, the fragile with the stable and the vulnerable with the assertive. Seemingly innocent natural subjects are layered with dark undertones, hinting at the subversion that occurs in the wild and beyond. As Kai states, “Sunny and I use nature in our work to connect with people, to provoke thoughts and memories. We like the idea of showing something you can’t actually see and asking bigger questions.”

Lots of Bits of Star will also include carvings, letterpress prints and ink works on paper, as well as an original collaboration with Shepard Fairey. Additionally, an exclusive poem was written by Alex Maas, a member of the psychedelic rock band, The Black Angels, as a direct response to the works in the exhibition. Maas and friend, Toydrum, have also created a musical composition exclusively for the exhibition, which explores how music and the written word impact Kai & Sunny’s work. A limited number of CDs with download codes will be available to guests attending the opening reception.