Fieldinspired – Richard Field

Bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new designer Richard Field is a graphic artist and aspiring clothes designer who has recently made waves with a series of limited edition prints, personally hand delivered to customers around London. His incredibly intricate illustrations explore the complexity of natural forms with a limited yet striking colour palette, each and every creation exhibiting the same ‘third eye’ distinctive logo. We caught up with him to find out a little more…

10647181_1499380740200847_288231559398863267_n“I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty of the world around me. From the perfect gradient sunsets form, to the complex symmetry on a seemingly simple leaf. The way nature creates beautiful design so effortlessly has always filled me with wonder.”

10341440_1460081787464076_7155108497142059008_n“In my latest collection I’ve put my own stamp on a few of the world’s most beautiful animals. Often focusing on the detail in the face, I try to encourage people to look a little closer, building layer upon layer from the centre of each canvas. From the ‘Dark Owl’ to the ‘Wise Lion’, each illustration has a minimum of 50 layers. My latest artwork ‘African Elephant #2’ is made up of 168 separate layers of vector patterns and half tones.”


“This collection is the first step in a much larger project. I’m working towards setting up a clothing line and hope this fluid set of artworks help define the style. The graphics will be screen-printed on to tees and other garments but for now selling them as strictly limited edition prints is a way to get the style out there. I’ve worked hard with my studio to get the most from the colours and the signed prints have been more popular than I could’ve imagined.”


design-18-WhiteRichard Field