EINE x Fragile Ventures – Objets D’Art

Curated by London’s Fragile Ventures and rendered in concrete, metal and wood; the cubes are their first project, URBAN[E], depicting Eine’s letter ‘E’ in Shutter, Tenderloin and Circus fonts. The Eine edition launches at Megumi Ogita gallery in Tokyo on Friday, 5 December with a simultaneous global launch online at www.fragileventures.com


Martin Root, Creative Director of Fragile Ventures comments: “We launched Fragile Ventures to realise and develop a three-dimensional urban art concept. As enthusiasts of the movement we were keen to work with our favourite artists to make this concept a reality. We couldn’t have launched with a better partner than Eine and we are incredibly proud of his work for Fragile.”


Ben Eine adds, “Since I was a small child, I’ve always loved making and building things – usually a mess – but now I’ve had the chance to create something unique, hand-crafted and beautiful. And I can still play with them.”


Fragile Ventures is an independent company established to give artists a platform to develop their work into three-dimensional forms and communicate it to the world @FragileVentures

The cubes are all unique, hand finished, in a signed edition of 100 and 120mm cubed. The concrete edition features EINE’s shutter font, whilst the metal features Tenderloin lettering and the wood Circus font.