Dscreet “Look Of Love” Film and Print

Inspired by the age old art of seduction and the current phenomenon of online dating, Dscreet’s just put out this new film and print release.

The Edition and film launch online today with Prescription Art.


LookOfLove wide mirror reflection LF6A7975 webDscreet - The Look Of Love collage webTheres 4 sexy colorways of the paper print edition, but also a special edition in 2 colorways printed onto a framed mirror so you can love yourself in the reflection.

Dscreet says;

“Bond set a knowing tongue in cheek standard for the archetype of seduction. I grew up on those films, but in the modern world I’m watching a lot of my friends growing obsession with online dating and matchmaking. At first it seems in human and too processed or calculated, but it doesn’t seem to matter whether you hookup in a bar or on a laptop, the end result is still Love.”


LookOfLove Closeup mirror reflectionLF6A7993Dscreet also made this “Boudoir” film as a homage to his fascination with Bond movies and hooking up on the internet