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TwoOne is one of Australia’s leading street artists and ‘OUTSIDERS’ is a body of work completed in a new Berlin studio.

‘OUTSIDERS’ opens this Friday at 6pm (Oct 10th) at Backwoods Gallery.

TwoOne has been kind enough to chat and tell us a bit more about he exhibition and his processes. Keep reading as there is a terrific process video too!

Damo: Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into art, and how you describe your work to someone who hasn’t been lucky enough to encounter it before:

TWOONE: I’m originally from Japan, move to Melbourne at age of 18. I then lived and started working as artist in Melbourne for 10 years. I moved to Berlin early this year.

I work with lots of different material, and form, and my style changes depending on what I use. There is loose theme that goes through my work, which is psychological portrait.
Psychological portrait is visual translation of people’s emotions, and personality, often usings animals as symbols.

Damo: You have a show opening at Backwoods Gallery this Friday. Can you talk us through it. You have some new works on acrylic, what are they all about?

TWOONE: This series I’m showing at backwoods titled “OUTSIDERS” is an extension of my ongoing series “psychological portrait”. Most of this series are on acrylic sheets which will be back-lit with LED light and fluorescent light.

I developed this work originally from the screen-printing process.
I had a chance to play around in screen-printing place last year, and I wanted to make more direct way of creating screen for the silk screen.
So I started paint on the acetate with spray paint and smudge it with my finger and arms, to create more texture. Then I realised the acetate itself was interesting as it is. So to enhance this technique I started to play around with plastic sheet.

Damo: What were the motivations behind your show:

TWOONE: As I have moved to Australia from Japan in 2004, and now relocated again to Berlin from Australia early this year, as an outsider in each country, the language has always been an obstacle so I started to express my self more with my art practice.
So the image is visual representation of people, or attitude that I met, and experience.

Damo: If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?
TWOONE: I really don’t know, maybe airplane pilot? Or scientist could be fun?

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Damo: You have recently left Melbourne where you resided for several years. How does moving affect your art, does it change your creative process? Does moving help ignite a new creative spark?

TWOONE: I’m not sure as yet, how the recent move affected my practice, but I’m sure something is changing inside of me, also I always have liked trying new things, to go to new places, and to meet new people. It all stimulates explorer desire. Which feeds back to my exploring in my practice too.

Damo: The show is quite extensive, and you have also had a show at Stolen Space Gallery on London quite recently. How do you push yourself through when you just can’t be bothered?

TWOONE: I simply enjoy creating, and moving my body, so I don’t really get in a ‘can’t be bothered’ state.
If I ever do, I just play with other material, or go paint a wall, make some noise or swim in a lake.

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Damo: To changes things a bit, tell us something we cant find out about you online:

TWOONE: I like moving my body, so I go running or swimming, or ride a bike pretty much everyday.

Damo: Finally, what motivates you smile and / or what pisses you off?

TWOONE: Some people, making stuff, beer, ping pong, music, bike, swimming, animals, and sun make me smile.
Only some rules, and some people piss me off.


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