The Noble Art – Jamie Hewlett


This is a print that was inspired after Stuart Lowbridge and Jamie Hewlett’s good friend, Jon Brookes, was taken by brain cancer. Brookes, only 44, was the drummer of The Charlatans and a man that touched many by his music and also his magnetic personality. He had an incredible zeal for life and worked with and managed many young musicians throughout his career.
Jamie Hewlett is a renowned worldwide award winning artist known across the globe.


A mutual respect and friendship between Stuart Lowbridge, Jon and Jamie prompted Stuart to commission Jamie to create a limited print (an edition of 150, signed and numbered by Jamie Hewlett) that would celebrate Jon’s life and keep his memory alive. Stuart also runs a small, dedicated musical gathering, called ‘The Social’. This print features just a few of the artists whose music is regularly aired at The Social.


Jamie has created this strikingly timeless poster print, which Stuart and Jamie felt compelled to donate all proceeds of towards ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’, in memory of Jon. To boost the total donation, Stuart and Jamie attempted to approach as many, if not all, of the legendary artists featured to sign a handful of these prints to go to auction.

Sir Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Blondie, Gary Numan, Paul Weller Stevie Wonder, Noddy Holder, Kevin Rowland and Adam Ant have already been kind enough to sign artist proofs for auction.