Chazme x Cekas x Proembrion x Tone x Sepe 10 Storey Double Mural in Lodz, Poland


Only couple of days before opening of a big group show of the best new contemporary urban talent Poland has to offer @ The Outsiders in Newcastle, some of these artists joined forces and completed this gigantic double piece in city of Lodz, Poland. Painting two facades of opposing 10 storey buildings, Chazme, Cekas, Proembrion, Tone and Sepe painted whats surely to become a landmark mural.

Known for their distinctive styles and superb painting skills, Polish artists once again showed the power of their collaborative works. By blending and morphing their different styles with ease, their created these flowing murals that have a great composition and balance, even on such large scale. By creating two almost mirroring images opposing eachoter, they almost double the wow effect of the finished piece. While significantly different, their visual languages complement each other, perfectly balancing between Sepe’s figurative works and Chazme’s geometric abstract shapes and creations, with great additions by other artists involved in the project.

The group show Jednakowo/Różni (loosely translated as Equally/Various, or Same/Different), is opening on Friday 31st of October @ The Outsiders, Newcastle, and will include works by both Sepe and Chazme, as well as Robert Proch, Otecki, Pener, Nawer and M-City.

lodz01 lodz03 lodz04 lodz05 lodz06 lodz07 lodz08 lodz09 lodz10