Beyond The Pale Blue Dot – Cheba

‘Beyond the Pale Blue Dot’ presents Cheba’s first major show in 4 years, a series of mixed media works presenting the artist’s journey into abstraction and futuristic spray can expressionism. His recent work has evolved into vibrant and abstract fluid formations, a new and refreshing direction for the artist although influences of the bold character led work that he is well known for can still be found.


The show features a series of 3D paintings using a complex process of poured resin. Cheba has created his own unique technique working with various mediums building up layer upon layer of resin to create multidimensional Nebula inspired paintings. Heavily influenced by Space, starscapes and the very elements that create us, Beyond the Pale Blue Dot focuses on the past, present and future of our existence. The work evokes mixed emotions of both hope and fear; the frightening thought of being alone in our universe or that there is something else out there are equally daunting but viewers will also find hope in the work, an homage to the beauty that surrounds us.


Cheba began painting the Bristol landscape in the early 00’s, soon after picking up a spray can Cheba was hooked and has been a long-standing figure in his hometown of Bristol’s thriving street art culture. Showcasing his work at over 40 exhibitions across the World (4 Solo) alongside illustrious figures from the world of street art including the ‘Crimes of Passion’ show at the Royal West Academy of Arts and more recently The House of Commons, London and Art Fairs in New York.

Cheba has donated many works but most notably he was selected for two charitable fundraising public art exhibitions, Gromit Unleashed and Wow Gorillas, alongside household names such as Sir Quentin Blake, Peter Brookes & Peter Blake. At auction Cheba’s sculptures raised £28,000 and £10,000 respectively, among the highest selling at both auctions.