‘A Study of Hair’ – Yusk Imai

In the today’s ‘A Study of Hair’ interview we speak with Yusk Imai.  The exhibition opens TONIGHT at Backwoods Gallery so don’t miss it!

yusk - detail

‘Top Hair’ – detail – Yusk Imai

Damo:  for the uninitiated, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

YI:  I am a cat person?

Damo:  Can you tell us about your piece, and how you have responded to the artistic brief?

YI:  When I heard the next brief would be hair my mind went blank.  I always try to escape the obvious when it comes to “A study Of” shows, it is a great challenge.  But “Hair” was a tough one for me.  My pieces are bottom hair and top hair, both pieces start from the obvious, but soon they develop into something different.

I am satisfied with the result.

Damo:  What medium have you used?  Why did you choose this medium?

YI:  Ink on paper, it’s one of my favourite mediums to work with.

Damo:  Why did you agree to be part of the ‘Study Of’ project?  It is a very ambitious task – how do you think it will be viewed on completion?

I agreed because it is a very special proposal.  Not only a great opportunity for me to develop my own technical skills, but also to see different point of views of the same subject from many other great artists. Being able to see the results within a whole, makes me grow and develop artistically as well.  In the end, the collection gathered will be amazing. I can’t wait to see the completion of ‘A study of’ as much as I don’t wish it to come to an end.

Damo:  On a more personal note, what can we expect to see from you in the next 18 months?

YI:  honest concern and hard work towards the quality of my collaboration to the project.