Montana Colors 20 Years, 20 Writers Show


Montana Colors brings together 20 international graffiti artists to celebrate 20 years anniversary at their hometown store/gallery – Montana Gallery Barcelona. This unique exhibition will show artworks of such graffiti legends as Dems, Dilk, Fasim, Flash, Jaba, Kaos, Kapi, Klor/Scien, Mookie, Musa, Nose, Os Gemeos, Popay, Posk, Sendys, Sunk, Suso33, Tkid, Wow123, Zeta. These 20 names are only representatives for the many other friends of the company, that won’t be able to get credit to in any gallery in the world, no matter how big it was.

The opening is scheduled for Thursday September 4th and the show will run until October 18th, celebrating 20 years of company’s dedication to being part of the graffiti movement since 1994. From the day #1 the company was focused on manufacturing paint, but with development, quality, people & environment in mind. 

This show is a memorial for graffiti culture, which is Montana’s reason for existence and daily motivation. While rounding up a big anniversary, this event is seen more as a beginning of another chapter rather than closing of one.