M-City at Vilnius Street Art Festival

M-City at Profsajungu Rumai for Vilnius Street Art Festival


Even though Vilnius as a city is more than hundreds of years old, technically it is a young capital that only passed through the 25 years of independence milestone. In order to touch on topics of Soviet heritage, democracy and rapid change as well as a new rising threat across the border, Vilnius Street Art festival chose strategic locations and buildings that artists were free to play with.


Polish superstar artist M-City created a large scale, dark and absolutely fascinating artwork on a building that used to be a Soviet Palace of Trade Union. The new era turned it into a prime property and the tales of bribery, murky politics and shady deals started. It all culminated with a fire and nowadays Profsajungu palace is slowly decaying with half of it overgrown with trees. M-City’s artwork captures perfectly the balance between the graceful beauty of the building with it’s heavy history and significance to Vilnius.



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