Kid Acne – Rap Traffic

Back in 2001 with the help of Req One and his trusty ‘Drum Computer’ Kid Acne released his first rap album – RAP TRAFFIC.


In his own words he tells us the story: ‘Although I released a bunch of other rap records over the years, this one is still my favourite. If you like beats programmed off-kilter and lyrics in a stream of consciousness – you might like it too!


The album was recorded at Req’s home studio onto ¼” tape and mastered onto Minidisc. The beats were made on various bits of equipment, most notably his Casio FZ1 and Russ Rockwell’s MPC (who we also drafted in for badboy sc-sc-sc-scratches one time for your mind). Supreme Vagabond Craftsman co-produced the track Rubber Body Poppers and Skint Records head honcho, Midfield General stepped up for remix duties on the accompanying 7″ single, Squirrel Hunters. Strong Captains represent.


I recently found a box of Rap Traffic LPs in the cellar and have customised the sleeves, inner sleeves + added a risograph insert and have made a limited edition of 33 (and a third) available HERE. Each one is signed, numbered and embossed with a wax seal.’