KARTEL is the brainchild of a local crew who have been pushing out Haifa’s young cultural scene for the past decade. Located next to the port in the city’s regenerating Downtown area, Kartel, a former industrial hangar, opened in mid August with Broken Fingaz’ Sex Picnic exhibition, followed by Klone ‘Second Nature’ at the last opening.


The space houses indoor and outdoor bars, a club and an exhibition space, presenting flash art and music shows for three nights only, once every two weeks. Exhibiting artists have also been invited to paint huge new murals on the building.


Tonight is the anticipated opening of LUSH with the unveiling of a new mural, new prints works and a new shirt release. Lush will also ‘perform’ inside a peep-show box with two naked ladies… Local punk bands Sweatshop Boys and Barren Hope will be playing live.


The next event is 26 – 28 September.