32°F – 351 Van Brunt

Presenting the work of six accomplished artists, curator Natasha Vo is bringing together talent from around the country to showcase their visions in an exhibition that bridges the gap between fine art and street art. 32°F aims to highlight the awakening of human perceptions in art and beauty – the common traits and universal truths that different cultures, languages and upbringings identify – to create a level of tangibility, linking art to consciousness.

Heavy Petting Zoo_Joram Roukes

Think of both realms of art, fine art and street art, being linked together by a commonality the way water and ice are – both are made of the same substance, but exist in separate environments which shape them to be different. They possess different properties, characteristics, and needs. The only way for water to understand ice is by freezing and vice versa by melting ice.

Lairs_Erik Jones

Brian Lee (aka Bleehouse), an artist featured in 32°F, explains his vision of what he hopes viewers will take away from this show: “We live in that immeasurable state where it is in transition, not fully ice not fully water, it is simultaneously both and contains both worlds of art, processes and traits and needs. It is only in this state where two different processes can reach the same goal. […] If you can take an audience, artist, or person and show them what this world looks like, even just briefly, you can create a consciousness. This consciousness – or awakening – to the reality of our worlds and polarity of the art scene needs to happen to everyone, though it may be just once and possibly for a short period of time, once exposed they will begin to question the nature of everything they see.”


32°F will feature paintings and collages alongside more recent works that were created specifically for this exhibition with 10% of the sales from the show donated to the Red Hook Art Project. These artists will present work that link to the theme of the exhibition.

Spring Crop at the Rosseland Crater

BLEEHOUSE, EUGENIA LOLI, HUEMAN, JORAM ROUKES, ERIK JONES and PAU are all exhibiting at 351 Van Brunt – Join these artists for an awakening of what the art scene is capable of and truly conceptualize what it means to be at the freezing point of water.


10% of any sale from the show will be donated to local nonprofit the Red Hook Art Project (RHAP), a 501(c)(3) that provides tutoring and mentoring for highrisk children and youth in visual arts, music and academics. To learn more about the Red Hook Art Project, visit: www.redhookartproject.org.