I AM 1UP – One United Power

From the 3rd September to 14th September 2014, Urban Spree Gallery presents the first solo show and book release of the iconic Kreuzberger & world-famous graffiti crew ONE UNITED POWER.

IMG_1528 Kopie-smallVP

After 10 years of hardcore legendary actions, train bombings and rooftops 1UP Crew takes over the whole Urban Spreeā€™s compound in Berlin with charismatic outdoor pieces and invest the Gallery floor with an exceptional display of adrenalin-pumped photographs and several large scale installations, all reflecting the diverse skills of the crew members.

IMG_0189 Kopie-smallccVP

The show is also the occasion for the crew to publish their first book, 140 pages of pictures from their private archives, self-published, full of behind-the-scenes action, an exceptional volume that is poised to become a milestone in graffiti documentation in the first decade of the 21st century.