INSA x INDJ – G9 Shanghai

Atelier INDJ has completed G九 上海 (G9 Shanghai) a dramatic restaurant space set within a triple height space that features a major site specific art piece by British artist INSA. The restaurant is part of mainland China’s first luxury department store; Lane Crawford.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (9)

The restaurant G九 exists beyond it primary purpose of great food and wine and delves into a realm of exhibition, spectacle and participation.

G九 is a culmination of ideas that have influenced atelier I-N-D-J from the studios inception. Technology Industry Luxury and Excess collide; manifest in concrete, raw steel, black marble, shimmering gold, bright light and high art. G九 is a brash celebration for the rise of the Chinese economic super power, more so glittered with gold befitting of the Paris of the east – 上海

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low 2 .jpeg

The notion of luxury and excess reaches its pinnacle with a major site specific super scaled artwork by British artist INSA. A user activated Lighting installation cascades through the space terminating in INSA’s trademark ‘Graffiti Fetish’ – an exploration of the iconography of modern aspirations: for the artist, the graffiti fetish concisely embodies the central concern of his output. The graffiti fetish pattern derives from two archetypal icons associated with contemporary femininity: high heels and curves – objects that have also become aspirational commodities. Within the undulating contours of this apparently abstract design, a two-fold vision of these icons is revealed: they simultaneously celebrate and question our consumerist ideology.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (3)

Balanced upon a lateral beam A VIP platform sits high above the banquette table, this elevated position serves as symbolic elevation of status, an exclusive position of grandeur from which to survey the space, here users are invited to engage in the light installation and art piece – a 3d depth sensing camera empowers the user with the ability to control the speed brightness and pattern of the light with simple hand gestures, In this way the light installation and art work in synchronisation controlled by a singular user.

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (4)

The light installation and art work collaboration between indj and Insa marks an evolution of INSA’s pioneering work with the GIF medium; whereby multiple frames are painstakingly painted photographed and animated digitally. G9 is a reversal of this process whereby the digital is manifest physically in the 67sqm art work.

The design realisation would not have been possible without the talented efforts of Super Nature who were engaged to develop and realise the light installation digital programming and installation:

14976 LED’s
9200m of cable
956 pendant light installation
99 seats
67sqm artwork
1 Kinect camera

G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (6)


Atelier INDJ is a multidisciplinary design studio. Established by Ian Douglas-Jones in 2009. Ian Mastered in Architecture at the Royal College of Art London yet has subsequently proven himself as a design poly-math – with a strong belief that there are no boundaries in design. From super-tall towers, complex mixed use architectural schemes, private residences, interiors, installations, product design, furniture and objects d’art.

Ian’s work has been internationally published and exhibited, with recent solo exhibitions in London and Shanghai. He has practiced globally with diverse projects in Europe, Russia, The Middle East, Asia and the Antipodes.


G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (7)


British artist INSA began his career as a graffiti writer. Known worldwide for his trademark ‘graffiti fetish’ pattern, painted as large-scale murals around the world, this signature design now envelopes bespoke furniture, the artist’s own line of high heels, as well as custom cars, yacht sails, and private collector’s homes.

INSA’s work is held in the V&A collection, London. He has exhibited at Tate Britain, London, as well as in galleries of major cities including; Tokyo, LA, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Berlin, and Montreal. He lives and works in London, UK.

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G9 Shanghai - Atelier I-N-D-J - photo credit Bono Yan - low (8)


SUPER NATURE is a Shanghai based multi-discipline art/design studio founded by Billy Wen, Cheang Lin Yew & Yeoh Guan Hong in 2008. It specializes in interactive art/design, visual communication & media technology. It takes on challenges through experimentations in new media and physical computing.

Seeking innovation in art & design is Super Nature’s ultimate goal. It constantly commits to research & development. In Super Nature, the definition of good art/design is ‘Creating moments of engagement’.

Super Nature’s art installations have been exhibited in Shanghai, Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong, Munich, New Zealand and Kuala Lumpur.