Herakut “Flaw Circus” @ Ruttkowski;68


Jasmin Siddiqui and Falk Lehmann, or Hera and Akut, the members of internationally known artist duo known as Herakut, are opening their solo show @ Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Cologne on August 29th. Through 10 years of collaborating on both large, outdoor murals and indoor exhibitions, they created a recognizable style which they’ve been known for. Strongly influenced by graffiti and street art, their unique signature style is famous for its melancholy and gratification. By mixing raw, expressive brush/line work, with realistic elements, along with text and messages, their new work kept the signature poetic and emotive feel. Using pastel, dimmed colors, they achieve more direct and honest impact as well as vintage feel to their work.



Earlier this year they created a a project in Syria and north Jordan, continuing their exploration social injustice which is often a theme of their work. Their exhibition, Flaw Circus, presents a selection of their most recent outlooks on the world based on the experiences they have accumulated during their travels.