Faith 47 New Murals in Durban

faith47 - warwick12

South African artist Faith 47 recently finished this impressive series of six murals in Durban, SA. Painted on four of the supporting columns of the main freeway overpass adjacent to the Early Morning Market in Warwick, these were created as part of the cultural program of the 25th World Congress on Architecture, UIA2014.

faith47 - Luca Barausse Photography-9146

The early Morning Market in Warwick is a hub of transport and informal trade, incorporating taxi ranks, buses, Nyama market, Muti market, Lime, Mphepo, Indian food market and Sangoma markets. With her murals, the artist wanted to pay respect to these traditional forms of trading and people that gravitate around the area. The pieces are actually portraying traders whose life strongly depends on Warwick triangle.

faith47 - pic by Michelle Hankinson

“The paintings are portraits of actual traders in the area. Perhaps the Inyanga looks like an everyday person, he is not dressed in a traditional manner signifying his vocation; its true to life. We don’t always know who someone is when we see him or her on the street, but there is a great wealth of stories hidden within each of us.”

faith47 - pic by Michelle Hankinson -2

“The atmosphere of Warick triangle is wild and chaotic, allot of people are scared to even venture into that area.This is a potent high energy zone which really reaches the people on the street.”

faith47 - warwick

“I needed to dedicate these walls to the individuals who work there, to the strength and importance of informal trade within our economy. It is the people of warick who have made it so alive. The architecture truly belongs to them.”

faith47 - warwick3

The first three walls were finished in early July, and the last three were painted mid August.

faith47 - warwick5

faith47 - warwick8

faith47 - warwick10

Kierran Allen Photography - Faith 47 -15 copy

Photos taken by the artist, Kierren Allen , Mark Edwards, Michelle Hankinson, Luca Barausse