DalEast New Works / Solo Show in NYC


Chinese artist DalEast is currently in NYC preparing his solo show with Jonathan Levine gallery. Opening on Sept 4th, “The Laten Photon” will be his 2nd show with the gallery. While in the city, the artist took a break from finalizing his works and working on a limited edition print that will be released with the show, and painted some public works that hes been widely known for.



At St. Marks 1st Street & Avenue A in Manhattan he recently finished this large mural overlooking the neighborhood. Originally based on the eagles mating scene, the dynamic and striking image can be seen both as an sweet, emotive one, or an aggressive one.


Along with the large mural, DalEast painted thisvan piece somewhere on the streets of NYC. The only info we could find out about this one, is that it will be featured in an exciting video project which will be announced in September.