Urban Nation Project M/4 – Photo Round-Up

The Urban Nation guys have just dropped this killer video round up of the latest installment of Project M, part 4, curated by ThinkSpace’s Andrew Hosner.

Our man Henrik Haven has been documenting all the new window installations at Europe’s awesome upcoming urban art museum, Urban Nation by Curiot, Nosego, Alexis Dias, Andrew Schoultz, Word To Mother, C215, Low Bros, Glenn Barr, Joao Ruas, Fernando Chamarelli.

11. IMG_7790

13. IMG_8102

01. IMG_7695

01. IMG_8211

03. IMG_7710

03. IMG_8225

04. IMG_8083_2

04. IMG_8233

06. IMG_8228

07. IMG_8092

07. IMG_8269

08. IMG_7689

08. IMG_8274

10. IMG_8265

11. IMG_8255

12. IMG_8124

13. IMG_8248

15. IMG_8238

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