Talk of the Sea – POW! WOW!

This video just gave us mad chills. Check out POW! WOW!’s newest project – The final installation of POW! WOW!’s three part project with Hokulea and Polynesian Voyaging Society was a mural by Kamea Hadar of Papa Mau Piailug, with the kids of the POW! WOW! School of Art/808 Urban painting the background.


The mural is in the heart of Kakaako, Hawaii home of POW! WOW! Hawaii. Papa Mau was a Master Navigator from the island of Satawal, Micronesia who helped to teach Hokulea navigators the art of non-instrumental wayfinding. He was chosen by his grandfather to learn the art of navigation when he was a few years old, and in 1976 when he guided Hokulea on its maiden voyage to Tahiti he was one of only 6 remaining navigators in the world. He has since helped to revive the knowledge, training 5 Hawaiian navigators to Master Status ensuring the survival of the art form.


These techniques will be used by Hokulea navigators over the next three and a half years, when Hokulea and its sister canoe Hikianalia sail around the world using nothing using but the waves, winds, sun and stars to guide them.


POW! WOW! Organiser, Kamea Hadar, looked through photos of the maiden voyage when he discovered the image of Papa Mau staring towards the horizon with an intense look. The photo immediately spoke to him. While sitting with Uncle Billy Richards, a crew member of the maiden voyage, Uncle Billy remembered something Mau once said: “To be a navigator, you have to be fierce.’


Kamea then showed Uncle Billy the photo he had chosen. Uncle Billy smiled and said, “That’s the one, that’s the look that he had that you knew that he would get you home.”

Produced by – Mikey Inouye
Directed by – Vincent Ricafort
Edited by – Reynolds Barney
Sound Engineering – Christopher Ahn
Photographs courtesy of – Mark Kushimi and Aaron Yoshino
Written by – Mikey Inouye, Vincent Ricafort, and Noel Nicholas
Sponsors – OLUKAI