Curious Duke Gallery – The Secret Art Prize


In its inaugural year, Curious Duke Gallery is proud to present The Secret Art Prize that celebrates emerging urban surreal artistic talents. Breaking away from the trope of traditional prizes we want to offer new talent the opportunity to exhibit and flourish within their practice. All unrepresented artists are welcome to enter the competition.

The secret art prize notion is not just to uncover unrepresented hidden talent but also see more fine art work on the streets of London. Eleni, owner of the Curious Duke Gallery, states:

“The idea was initially inspired by Richard Reeds Art Everywhere project. It was great to see fine art in very public spaces and not confined to the walls of a gallery. I thought I could take this project further and mix fine art with the current street art trend that we are currently experiencing and put the physical piece of art onto the streets, one that is removable and can then be put into a home or gallery context, and really bridge the gap between fine art and street art. Street art now is so accessible to everyone, it has become part of our everyday life and surroundings, yet walking into an art gallery is still seen as quite an intimidating visit so I wanted to blur these barriers.”

Having founded Curious Duke Gallery in 2011, Eleni Duke has cemented her position on the UK art scene as championing surreal and urban art work, and taking on artists who have many years’ experience to no experience of exhibiting and selling their work. Duke’s nurturing approach to young talent has seen her nominated for Micro Business of the Year 2013, with her artists taking to the air waves on BBC radio and featured in London’s press.

This constant search for talent and its growth has led CDG to launch their very own art prize. The overall winner of The Secret Art Prize will be selected from the following categories; drawing, mixed media, painting, and print making, with the addition of The People’s Choice award which will be voted on by the public via a page. The judging panel will decide on the overall winner and winners from the sub categories who will go onto become the selected artists for the group exhibition at Curious Duke Gallery this September.